Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunday Soapbox - Litter

I have come to realise, we live exactly 1 can of VB and a Big Mac away from town.

How do I know this? Because each week, I am picking up McDonald wrappers and empty VB cans from the roadside in front of our property.

Obviously it is more convenient to throw this debris out of the car than to take it home or put it in a bin !!!

So this morning, when going into town, I was more observant about this litter issue and was astounded by the assorted debris that is dumped, thrown from vehicles or "falls" off trailers and trucks.

Polystyrene boxes, cardboard, plastic, tubing, paper, drink cans/bottles, bricks, tree branches, old shoes, an old couch frame, concrete, and even a dead kangaroo (which, by the way has been marked for removal with pink paint but has been there for 3 days !!!)

And as this rubbish just accumulates, there appears to be no effort by the council or community to do anything about it. It just seems to be accepted practice to litter and stuff the effect it has on the community and environment.

This is no more evident than at the Sunbury Railway Station where there track along the whole length of the platform is covered in litter. And the platforms themselves have broken bottles and other rubbish just accumulating.

What a welcome for visitors arriving on the train. Surely there is ample time at least once a week to pick up this rubbish. After all for most of the day there is an hour between trains.

Obviously, the best solution is to manage and control the littering problem. 

But until this happens, I'll continue to do my bit by cleaning up our patch. I just wish others would take some responsibility and do the same.

Or just doesn't anyone care anymore.


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zofia said...

That is a sad thing isn't it?
Good on you for doing your bit, shame more can't do the same, or just don't 'see'.