Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Have camera, will shoot.

Where have I heard the saying, "Never work with kids or animals"?

Well when you business designs, makes and sells children's clothing, its a bit hard to follow that advice.

We have done a couple of photo-shoots now and, at the end of the day, they were actually a lot of fun. Probably because we just let the kids do their thing as much as possible and shoot around them.

So with the impending release of the play clothes dresses, we needed some live models to show them off.

So last week, after Bradley's Kids Unplugged session, we arranged for some of his friends, Hannah, Lily & Summer, to model the dresses in the local park.

It wasn't long before everyone got into the action and a lot of fun shots were taken.

And until you start to edit you sometimes don't know what you get . . .

. . . or who is going to appear in the background!!!

But as I said, it was a fun day.


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zofia said...

Pure joy! Lovely pics.