Friday, 21 May 2010

Lost Dogs

If anyone has friends or relatives in Sunbury or Riddells Creek, PLEASE ask them to be on the lookout for 2 beagles. Daisy and Buster have been missing since early this morning and Bradley is wondering where they are :-(

Daisy & Buster are 2 beagles who wandered away from home at Sunbury on Friday 21st May.

If anyone has seen them, have any information about them or know their whereabouts please call Paul on 0433129040.

Bradley is desperate to be reunited with his best friends.


zofia said...

Oh dear...I'm so sorry to hear that.:( I hope they can be found soon. Ww will be crossing our fingers for you guys..

VaderKip said...

Thanks Zofia. Our fingers are crossed too.

Tas said...

I hope that they get home soon. :(

VaderKip said...

Thanks Tas. Some good news, Daisy has just come home. So we are now hoping Buster is on his way too.