Sunday, 8 January 2017

Our New Life - Again !!

7 years ago this week, I gave up the corporate life to become a stay-at-home Dad and house husband.

In that time we moved to a 5 acre property in Woodend, Victoria. We raised alpacas, chooks and bees. We had peace and serenity. We watched Bradley grow and thrive. And I developed my talents as a photographer.

And what a ride it has been. It's been an amazing time.

But what is life without new adventures.

Especially when opportunity comes knocking on your door.

So we have packed up our belongings. Rented out our tranquil property. And, together, we have moved to Bangkok, Thailand for our next adventure.

I have resurrected this blog so I can have somewhere to share our thoughts and exploits with you while we are here.

I look forward to sharing them with you.