Sunday, 14 March 2010

The week that was

What a week we have had.

In fact is was so busy I didn't get to go to Adelaide as planned. Which was a bit unfortunate because, not only was I picking up some large items for Bradley and some chennelle for Moederkip, it was also going to be an opportunity to  visit the cemetary to remember my Brother's birthday on Saturday 13th (he passed away suddenly last July aged 60) and my Mother's birthday on Monday 15th (she passed away 2 months before Bradley was born).

But while I didn't get over there, my thoughts are with them both this weekend.

But life goes on and so, on to today. It was a HUGE day. Up at 5am to pack the car and off to Mordiallic at 6:30 for the Children's Markets, at the Mordialloc Festival by the Bay. By 9am, Moederkip was set up and ready for business and so it was off to Macedon for Bradley and I to attend Safari's 3rd birthday party.

Remember, this was a fairy party!! Well, Bradley and Daddy did a cute matching outfit thing, much to everyone's mirth and amusement. Or in one boys words, just plain "weird"!!!

Then back to Mordiallic to pick up Moederkip and finally back home to to Sunbury.

11.5 hours & 407 kms. It was a hellovaday!!

Now I know you are all dying for a photo, but in ther immortal words of Frank N. Furter from Rocky Horror, antici . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pation is a good thing. So photos tomorrow night.

But, in the meantime,  here is a teaser for you . . .

Cheers for now.


Brett, Rach & James said...

oh, come on!! we want photos!

VaderKip said...

in good time :-)

Tas said...

Well, if you scrub up as well as Frank'n'Furter, it'll be worth the wait :)

zofia said...

Cute Fairyboy! Who is obviously a good car traveller too!

willow and moo said...

Oh that boy who said 'weird' doesn't know what he's missing out on! My Will would have surely worn a pair of wings and run around madly at a fairy party!