Monday, 1 March 2010

The family reunion - Part 1

What happens when 112 "Hennekams" get together for a weekend?

In 1952, my parents and 5 kids emigrated to Australia (Adelaide) from Holland. They went on to have 2 more kids (including me !!).

In 1954, Dad's brother, his wife and 12 kids, also emigrated to Australia (Melbourne).

From those 2 brothers, there are now well over 200 descendants in Australia.

(From L to R - my cousin Lizzy, my sister Marie, my cousin Theresa and my sister Mieke)

Scary huh !!!  And every few years, we try and get together for a catch-up. Including another cousin, Hugo, who himself emigrated to Australia many years ago.

(From L to R - my cousin Agnes, Hugo's partner Nancy and my cousin Hugo)

So this year we gathered in Queenscliff near Geelong for a weekend of wine, food, laughs and stories.

We are all getting older as are all the "young" one's, a lot of whom have there own children and grand-children.

It was a great weekend and, of course, Bradley was a great hit with everyone.

So thank you Queenscliff for putting up with us.

And thanks to all the Hennekam's for another great weekend.


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