Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The family reunion - Part 3

Whilst last weekend was the family reunion, it was also a very important time for the business as our website was going live on the Sunday.

And while we were on track, there were still a lot of details to fine tune.

So while most of us were have a drink or 3 and chatting merrily away, Moederkip, through the wonders of modern technology, was working with our web developer to put the finishing touches on to the website.

And just to make sure she wasn't disturbed, we had our own security guard to keep any riff raff away . . .

You can check out the final result here http://www.moederkip.com.au/



Tas said...

Gotta love modern technology hey? Gorgeous website by the way.

VaderKip said...

Thanks Tas. We're preety happy with the final result.