Monday, 8 March 2010

It's a BIG week

What a big week we are having in the henhouse.

This weekend just gone Moederkip was at the Dayleford Makers Market on Saturday and the Abbottsford Arts Market on Sunday. Both were great markets with more Moederkip products finding there way out into the community.

As you know, a week ago the Moederkip website went live. What a great response we have had and so many lovely and supportive comments from everyone. We're pretty proud of it.

Well, this morning the online store went "live". Many, many, many thanks to Adam (our web developer) for his support, patience and sage advise during this very trying time.

It was all worth it because this afternoon, we have already had our first order through the shop. Thanks Zofia :-)

On Wednesday & Thursday, I am making a quick driving visit to Adelaide to pick a few things up and see what's been happening over there of late.

Then next Sunday, Moederkip will be part of the Children's Markets, at the Mordialloc Festival by the Bay in Main Street, Mordialloc from 10am to 4pm. Pop by and say hello to the wonderful creator of all our beautiful clothing. Especially all those you don't live too far away (Jenny!!!)

And while Moederkip is selling out at Mordiallic, Vaderkip and Bradley will be attending his little 3yo friend's fairy birthday party in Macedon.  (And you'll just have to wait for the photos to see what we dress up as!!!!!!)

So, all-in-all, a VERY busy week for all of us.

Cheers for now.


zofia said...

Ahh, happy to buy your lovely stuff and support you wonderful people!

Tas said...

Fantastic all round. Hope the markets continue to go well, I am off to check out the site now it is fully up and to wait for fairy party photos.