Sunday, 31 January 2010

Was that the weekend?

One of the things I have quickly adapted to is losing track of the days. I was truely surprised when I realised today was Sunday!!!

Occasionally on a Sunday morning, I get enthusiastic and cook poffertjies. These are little, bite sized Dutch pancakes topped with butter, lemon and icing sugar.

They are certainly a hit in the household and it is one dutch word Bradley says very clearly.

Meanwhile, while MoederKip and Bradley were at a photo shoot yesterday, I finally started a couple of woodworking projects. Firstly I have to raise MoederKip's cutting and pattern making table. So off to Bunnings with a plan in mind. And over an hour later, I left with the necessry goods, for a completly different plan!! Nothing like making it up as you go along! So that is 75% complete and should be finished tomorrow, much to the relief of MoederKip's back.

The other project was making the business' nameboard ready fir displayat saturday's market. This will also be finished tomorrow after the last coats of paint and varnish so I'll have a photo or 2 by mid week.
Anyway here is to a new week, albeit it a very busy one as we prepare for our first market next Saturday.



MoederKip said...

mmmmmm, poffertjies. can I have some more please?

Kathi said...

So we should plan to be at your house on a Sunday morning next time we come to Melb?