Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Our 1st adventure

Today we had our first big adventure. I had to go to see my doctor over at Mt Waverley and Bradley and I decided to go there on the train.

Off we went to the train station and caught the 0910 to the city. . . along with about a million tennis fans!!! But Bradley was soooo excited he was totally transfixed the whole journey. I don't think his nose left the window!!

Chat, chat, chat all the way into the city. So off the "red" train and onto the "blue" train. So much to see from the fast train.

After the doctor it was back onto the train and more sightseeing.

We decided to get off at Parliament and catch a tram down Bourke St to the station. Mr Bradley decided he was suddenly big enough to climb the stairs while holding on to the handrail . . .

. . . suddenly he is such a grown up boy. Its hard to imagine he is only 2!!

So finally we get on the "purple" train and its time for some lunch, sightseeing and a few snuggly cuddles for Daddy before arriving back at Sunbury mid afternoon. And quickly falling asleep in the car on the drive home.

I know not all our days will be this exciting . . . but what a way to start our new life together. :-).

Cheers for now.



Anne said...

Always fun to have a new family blog to follow. And to be able to watch Bradley as he grows, how lucky can Mike and I be! I love the train names!

MoederKip said...

Love the nose to the window... the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree does it!

zofia said...

Oh Trains! Zeb loves to watch them go by, hasn't been on one yet...