Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Road Trip to Adelaide - Part 1

So while Moederkip was frantically sewing earlier this week, Bradley and I decided to take a road to Adelaide for a few days.

Now this was the first time that Bradley and Mummy were going to be separated for any length of time. 3 days and 2 nights to be exact.

So it was with heavy hearts that at 7:30am last Monday B and I bundled ourselves into the car (surrounded with all sorts of distractions and snacks) waved a farewell to teary Mummy and headed off.

8 hours and 650kms in a car with an active almost 3yo!! Was I being adventurous or stupid??

Fun. That's what it ended up being. Lot's of singing and chatting interspersed with DVDs and a little nap right towards the end.

We arrived at my sister's in Tailem Bend in good spirits and then ventured off to a dairy for a visit.

So there were cows to round up


 So they could be milked

And calves to feed

And finally there was mucking out the truck

All in a days work for a very busy boy.

. . . to be continued . . .



zofia said...

great pics! What a great experience for Bradley :D

Anonymous said...

Where's Part 2??

VaderKip said...

On it's way. Probably tomorrow :-)