Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Yes it is cold in Woodend

Bradley and I went for an impromptu drive upto Mt Macedon today and this was what we found . . .

Bradley had his first experience of snow.

He wanted to make a snowman, but we were not exactly prepared for the snow. So after about 3.4 secs of playing in the snow he realised it was a little colder than he expected!!

So we just had a quick play and (this one is for Poppy) he had great pleasure in turning some of the snow . . . YELLOW !!!

Yes, it does get cold in Woodend.




MoederKip said...

Ah, that's my boy ;-)

Tas said...

It's so cold here, I wish we could at least have the snow to enjoy! It was hailing here yesterday- dies that count? I guess you can wee in hail too :P

zofia said...

wow, brrr!
My kids have not seen snow yet...they bug me every year.;)